Chairs in a Spiral

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This idea comes from the folks at Impression Bridal.

Have your guests sit in a labyrinth type spiral for a Labyrinth Wedding! Be witness to the couple as they enter and spiral around to the center as they recall moments in their relationship journey and take their vows.

Winter Candle Centerpiece

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Another “Whimsical Idea” on winter-themed candle centerpieces.  This one was found on The Urban Farm and Gardener Facebook page, and comes by way of  Sweet Talk -N- Diabetes.  Hurricane Glasses filled with rock salt or decorative white stone holding candles in place, surrounded by sprigs of holiday greens and berries.  Happy Holidays!

Unity Rituals at Savories Wedding Preview

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I had a wonderful time participating in the Savories 2012 Wedding Preview on November 18.

I was able to share with couples just what is possible in a Celebrant led ceremony.

A Celebrant led ceremony will be the most beautiful, intimate, and meaningful moment you will share with your guests on your wedding day.  I’ll take the time, interest and care in getting to know you to create the most personalized, tender and unforgettable ceremony both you and your guests will be talking about for years. One of the ways I’ll do that is by introducing a Unity Ritual that completely captures the love, traditions and personality of you; both individually and as a couple. These ceremonies can also include a ‘Community Ritual’ or ‘Vow of Support’ for attendees. What a wonderful way to include your guests and have them participate and add to the love and specialness of your day.

For more information on the various Unity Rituals that can be paired with any wedding or commitment ceremony, please contact me!

Enjoy pictures from this special day at Savories below (Click each for a larger view):

savories-wedding-preview-006  savories-wedding-preview-014  savories-wedding-preview-016  savories-wedding-preview-018

Some Great Cake Ideas!

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Here are two great nature themed cakes found on Facebook for your seasonal wedding or ceremony!

1) From Homestead Survival, a “Harvest Time Cake”  – a multi-layered cake with autumn decorations, vines, and pumpkins.

2) Also, from The Urban Gardener, a “Layered Leaf and Flower cake” pale green leaves and pink flowers!

Wedding Preview Event November 18!

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Come join me at The Edgewater Resort, November 18 for Savories Catering’s 2012 Wedding Preview.

The event is Sunday, November 18th from 2 – 5 pm. at the Edgewater Resort and Waterpark Hotel. I’ll be on the 4th floor in the Vista Room which will be “set up” for a wedding ceremony. The room seats 70 people so it will be cozy and intimate where you’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask me questions. I’ll do some demonstrating in my Wedding Officiant role (so be prepared to do some volunteering!) and have a large variety of Unity Rituals to talk about and show you!

Then, Savories Catering will have an entire room set up with food, etc., so that you can get an idea of what to expect from their catering services.

Come on out for the fun!

Whimsical Fall Arrangements

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Another great Fall Whimsical Find!
This one comes via Southern Life Beautiful and The Urban Farm and Garden on Facebook.

A beautiful but simple fall arrangement using lentils and acorns to hold blooms in Autumn colors!

Acorn and Lentil glass arrangement

Whimsical Pumpkin Uses

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A great idea from Homestead Survival’s Facebook Page!

Scoop out the pumpkin and put a clear glass bowl in the center, add filtered water. Place a clear small plate underneath. Place your floral arrangement in the pumpkin, submerging the stems in the glass bowl filled with water.

Toast the pumpkin seeds and compost the pumpkin when you’re done!

Wedding Program with Confetti Pocket

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Look at this great idea from Offbeat Bride! Here is a Wedding Progam with a confetti pocket built in. Smart, practical and FUN for your guests and YOU! Go to their blog post for full instructions on how to make this yourself!

From Bouquet to Rose Bushes

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After a wedding ceremony, it’s often customary to have keepsakes to look back upon at the first anniversary.

I stumbled across a great re-use for a natural rose bouquet recently, where a friend of the bride presented twelve rose bushes, all stemming from her bridal bouquet!

Take a look at the blog post from Homestead Survival on How To Give A Bride Rose Bushes From The Roses From Her Bouquet One Year Later!

More Fall and Farm Whimsical Ideas

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I keep finding more creative and whimsical ideas to share for unique ceremonies and receptions!

The first image is from The Flea’s Knees’ Facebook PageApple Core Tea Light Candles
Core out an apple and add a tea light candle.  You can even line the holes in advance with whole cloves before putting in the candle for an added scent.

Second is from The Urban Gardener – a Flower Pot Cake and Hydrangea Cupcakes that could make any “Farm to Feast” celebration complete.

Finally, a Strawberry Fields Salad that I found on Homestead Survival.  You can even get the recipe from their blog post!