Commitment Ceremonies

The Minnesota Senate just passed Marriage Equality, making Minnesota the 12th state to legalize same sex marriage and with the governor’s signature, will become effective August 1, 2013.

Best wishes to all couples who are now able to celebrate and recognize their relationships with legal marriage.

Please contact me to discuss how we can, together, create a very personal and authentic ceremony to celebrate your special day!


When you declare your love to another person, it’s a great time for celebration.  Commitment ceremonies can be as unique as your love for each other.  Some people choose never to marry but still like to share with everyone the love they have for each other.  As well, many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender couples, who due to current restrictive law or legislation cannot marry in many states, at this time, wish to express their joy and love and celebrate through a ceremony.

A commitment ceremony is a declaration of a life long commitment, love and dedication between two people.

It is YOUR ceremony.

I believe that all people, including all GLBTQ people,  deserve the freedom to celebrate and lift up their love for one another and to have a personal and even public proclamation of that love, commitment, and unity.  Whether you wish to commit to each other “in Gods eyes” or your own eyes, I believe that all love is the reflection of our Universe awakening unto itself.  Stepping up to express a commitment is a joyous and magical act that transforms the very landscape of love.  Some may call their ceremony a marriage, some may call it a handfasting, civil union, commitment, etc.  Whatever we name it, I believe that it is the expression of love that matters most.
I can help you design a truly memorable ceremony. It can be just like a wedding, or a party with friends and family. It can be part of a larger event or a very private affair between you and the one you love.  It will be a commitment to strengthen the bond between you both.  A commitment ceremony can even include a new bond between new partners and children bringing everyone together.

I’d love to create your very special and meaningful Commitment Ceremony, however you envision it!

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