Ideas for a Garden Wedding

by Genevieve Munoz

More and more, folks are choosing meaningful outdoor ceremonies, and even ceremonies that celebrate Nature and the Earth! Having a “Garden Theme” in your overall decor (or your reception) can also be a lot of fun.

I wanted to share with you some lovely ideas I used for my own daughter’s wedding.

1) An Asparagus Vase

If you’re having a garden wedding, consider making something beautiful from the earth. An asparagus lined vase can hold the Bride’s bouquet until she is ready to use it, then afterward, she can place it back into the vase and use as a table display/centerpiece. (If there are bridesmaids, they can do the same.)

photo by Genevieve Munoz

2) Artichoke Name Cards

Another idea on the same theme – why not use an artichoke (with center hollowed out, floral foam cut to size and soaked in water, then stems placed into the foam) to showcase a simple yet lovely flower bouquet with name card placed inside the petals for the Bride and Groom. Unique and fresh!

photo by Genevieve Munoz

Click this link for more “Whimsical Ideas” from Minnesota North Shore Weddings!

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